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Who we are

ShopiBook is an approach made by ShopiBook to delibarately provide people complete knowledge on our regular uses of our life on various factors in this fast moving technological world.

We have a very good team of experienced writers who have scripted there experiences and thougts through the e-book.We also provide hardcopy and with the CD if demanded.

We have initiated our approach and hope to give excellent services in future. We also offer emerging new writers warm grettings to publish their e-books through our banner and reach the mass with the best approach. In the near future we will be also providing tutorial video on various aspects.

In keeping with our commitment to quality content of books, we offer unparalleled editorial expertise and resources, along with a commitment to market each book through strong and focused strategies, through every viable distribution channel. We are always in touch of industry experts , educationalist and teachers to improve the quality of our books and tutorials.

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